Lee Hyori Launches an Online Charity for Abused Animals

Lee Hyori, who is fast becoming the icon of animal activism, has started an online charity donation for abused animals.

The organization “Animals That Have Been Hurt, I Want to Protect Them,” so far has 1806 people signed. While the total donation amount is uncalculated as of now, the goal is to gather at least 20 million Won. The money will be used to support animal shelters.

At the donation website, Hyori left a personal message detailing how in childhood, she spent more time with her dog instead of other friends because she grew up in a poor household.

She also revealed that she feels very cautious about being involved in animal activism because she is a celebrity but she still wants to help in any way she can.

It was also reported earlier that the singer had also set up the “Hyori Fund” to support the elderly. This beautiful singer is keeping busy with charity work as well as with her new program, “You and I,” which will air its first episode on February 26.