Shinhwa Members Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

The members of Shinhwa have been together for 14 years. As they prepare for their March comeback, they showed off their close friendships. On February 9, Shinhwa Company posted a question to its Twitter page; “It’s been 14 years with Shinhwa and our fans. Let’s share some of the interesting stories that have happened over this time.”

The first to post a response was Shinhwa’s leader Eric. Eric wrote, “I remember back in 1997 when we were living together, there were three female fans that always followed us around. The three of them were always in their school uniforms. I wonder what they look like now.”

Eric told fans about how Shin Hye Sung fell between the stairs at their Dream Concert and other humorous stories about the members during their early days. Other members Dong Wan, Jun Jin, Hye Sung and Andy joined in, giving their thoughts about the past 14 years. Ending the post by telling Hye Sung to “Take care of yourself,” a jab at him falling down the stairs.

In response, thousands of fans have left their own comments and thoughts about Shinhwa over the past 14 years on various fan cafes.

One fan wrote, “I first saw you on TV when I was in the fifth grade, now I’m in my late 20s,” another wrote, “I remember when I didn’t have enough money to buy your seventh album…My cram school teacher said that if I don’t miss class, she would buy me the CD. So, I went to class.”

Shinhwa Company wrote, “To the fans who have stayed with us for the past 14 years, we are making preparations for our comeback, concerts and regular activities. We hope to see you again.”

Take a look at their music video for “T.O.P.“, yes, it’s old, but the song is great.