Kara’s "Super Girl" Goes Triple Platinum in Japan

In a ranking posted on February 10 by a Japanese record industry company, Kara’s second Japanese album, “Super Girl” has been newly crowned “Triple Platinum.” The Triple Platinum title is for records which have sold over 750,000 copies. “Super Girl”, which went on sale last November 23, took about three months to reach the Triple Platinum level.

“Platinum” is for sales over 250,000, while “Double Platinum” is for sales over 500,000. “Super Girl” contains the hit songs, “Jet Coaster,” “Go Go Summer,” and “Winter Magic.” Kara will begin their KARASIA tour this February 18 at Seoul Olympic Park. From there, they will move on to Hong Kong, Japan and other Asian countries. “Super Girl” is getting close to one million copies sold, let’s cheer them on and hope that they make it happen!

Kara has been appearing in Family Mart chicken commercials in Japan, take a look. Their chicken song and dance are quite cute.