New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 February Week 2

The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST (Feb. 15)

01 Back In Time (Lyn)
02 Moonlight Is Setting (Heora)
03Road of Tears (Wheesung)
04 Shadow (Monday Kiz)
05 The Moon That Embraces the Sun
06 Hidden Moon
07 Like a Petal, Like Flame
08 Love Is Leaving Sad Song
09 King’s Palace
10 Bracelet
11 Jeojageori
12 Memorial Service
13 Two Suns One Moon
14 Silver Moon
15 Rain Falls
16 Sun’s Tears
17 Palace’s Morning
18 Moonlight’s Song
19 Black Spell
20 Butterfly’s Dance

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The soundtrack for the hit drama series, “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” which has over 40% viewer ratings, is finally released this month. It consists of four theme songs as well as sixteen background music numbers. Top artists Lyn, Monday Kiz, and Wheesung as well as rookie artist, Heora took part in the album. In addition, Korea’s top music directors, Kim Jun Seok and Jung Se Rin took part in the soundtrack.


Evan (mini-album) – Trying Not to Remember (Feb. 14)

01 You…
02 Because You Weren’t There…Is That Why I Am Suddenly Sad…
03 Trying Not to Remember
04 …
06 Trying Not to Remember (Memory of Not Being a Memory)

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Evan returns this month with a new mini-album titled, “Trying Not to Remember”. The singer composed, penned the lyrics, arranged, and produced the entire album once again. He joined hands with violinist, Yoo Nam Gyu to bring out a classical, yet a vintage feel. The title track is “Trying Not to Remember”, a song with British sounds. The song incorporates various instruments such as the drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, as well as the piano.


Davichi (single) – Love Call with Davichi (released)

01 I Will Remember
02 I Will Remember INST

Korea’s top female duo, Davichi makes a comeback with a neo vintage number titled, “I Will Remember”. The song starts off with organ accompaniment which brings out a vintage feel. However, the song continues with refined beats and lyrics. Davichi is the first guest to take part in the Love Call project album. The producer of this album is Jeon Hae Seong who has also written Baek Ji Young’s “That Woman”, “Lee Seung Chul’s “Long Day”, and Yoon Do Hyun’s “Must Have Loved” to name a few.


Chocolat – The 2nd single album (released)

01 Get Up
02 One More Day
03 Get Up INST
04 One More Day INST

Chocolat comes before fans once more this year with their second single album. The title track is “One More Day” and the girls hope to warm the hearts of listeners with this sweet number. The song is about wanting to love and protect a ex-lover just one more day after breakup.


Other Releases:
Min Hae Kyung – Since…1981 (Feb. 16)
Park Ji Yoon – Vol. 8 Dream About Becoming a Tree (Feb. 16)
K.Will – I Need You (Feb. 16)

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