SNSD Taeyeon’s Cute Plea to Minho on "Salamander Guru"

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon captivated SHINee member Minho with her super cute aegyo.

On the SBS TV episode of “Salamander Guru” that aired on February 10, Taeyeon and Min Hyuk (Minho) go on a date out on the town.

[Warning: spoiler below!]

Taeyeon persistently follows Min Hyuk around and works hard to get him to receive her affection.  When she spots a cute accessory stand on the street, she stops and releases her aegyo on Min Hyuk with a plea, “Please buy me one, only one!”

Taeyeon’s aegyo is so effective that it works on Min Hyuk, who decides to buy her a hairpin after all.  However, upon hearing the price of the item, Taeyeon once again releases her aegyo on the store clerk, “Excuse me, they sell this ribbon at Dongdaemun for 50won [about $0.05 USD] a piece.  Isn’t your price too expensive?  Give us a discount, pretty please?”

Upon seeing her aegyo, Min Hyuk opens up to her and assists her in preventing a wedding from taking place.