Lee Da Hye Shows Off Her Slender Bodyline

Lee Da Hye is drawing attention for her “ant waist” (a term in Korea to describe a slim waist).

The actress uploaded a couple of pictures on her Weibo with the caption, “These are the pictures that the photographer took when I went to the United States to work. I am revealing it to you for the first time. It is winter in Seoul but it was very hot there. I hope you will become warm just by looking at the pictures” on February 10.

In the picture, Lee Da Hye is showing off her beautiful bodyline at a beach. Her long, wavy hair is flowing in the wind while her bikini top is slightly showing through the white see through shirt. Her extreme short pants emphasize her perfectly slender bodyline.

Fans and netizens who saw the pictures reacted with diverse responses, “I think Lee Da Hye is way too thin,” “How can you be that thin?” “What are the secrets to your body weight?” “You can probably wrap her waist with your two hands,” and “Very pretty.”