T-ara’s Hyomin Reveals a Photo Shoot-like Selca

Girl group T-ara member, Hyomin, revealed a photo shoot-like selca picture.

The singer uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption: “In front of the Eiffel Tower. Very excited” on February 12.

The revealed selca picture shows Hyomin and fellow T-ara member, Soyeon, posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. Hyomin’s shining beauty and the landmark of Paris, France—the Eiffel Tower—blend well to bring a magazine photo shoot feel.

Fans and netizens who saw the selca picture reacted with diverse responses: “It looks like a scene from a movie or a film,” “Hyomin is the type of person who becomes prettier and prettier as time passes,” and “I did not know there was Soyeon in the back too…”