1N2D’s Last Recording, Na Young Seok PD and Cast Members Moved to Tears

Na Young Seok PD was moved to tears after wrapping up the show’s last filming.

According to KBS officials, the recording of the last episode of “1N2D” took place on February 10 in Jeongeup and ended on February 11 at 2PM. The last episode had its main theme as “Memories Travel.”

A representative of 1N2D revealed, “Na Young Seok PD as well as some of the cast members couldn’t hold it in and eventually showed their tears,” telling us more about the atmosphere of the last episode.

During the last five years of the show, “1N2D” experienced several changes and replacements in its cast. The final episode wrapping up five years of the longest running variety show on Korean TV sparked great interest among netizens and the medias as to what the last episode will reveal.

The location of the last recording had to be changed because of the press reports disclosing the location of the last episode, resulting in fans who gathered and disturbed the filming.

On February 9, member Lee Seung Gi posted on his homepage, “How should I describe my feelings about the end of 1N2D? Could it be that by going through a lot of different emotions and thoughts at the same time, your mind will just go blank? My mind feels just blank. Even though it’s the last episode, it doesn’t feel like the end, it’s like we’re parting but we are not, no matter when or how, we will meet again…. Thank you for your support through all these years.”

Meanwhile, “1N2D” which has brought laugther and entertainment to its viewers and which has also been through some controversies throughout its five consecutive years on Korean TV has come to an end with the wrapping up of the last episode’s filming.

The “Memories Travel” episodes will be broadcast on February 19 and 26 as the last episodes of the show as we know it.

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