IU’s Japanese Album Teaser Images Revealed

IU’s official website in Japan recently revealed news regarding the singer’s Japanese debut single album. The album entitled, “Good Day” is scheduled to be released late next month. The website also disclosed other details about the album, for instance, that there will be three types available for purchase: type A, type B, and type C. Currently the specific differences between the types remains to be seen.

Expectations are high and continue to increase for the singer as her Japanese debut nears. Two still shots from IU’s album were made public causing quite a stir among fans. In the photos an adult IU is revealed. The purpose of showing a more mature image of the ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ is that the singer is coming of age and even though she is cute, she has grown and now exudes a sexy charm which is sure to capture the attention of anyone watching her. IU just graduated from high school last week and upon doing so revealed her dreams and aspirations for the future as a soon to be nineteen (twenty in Korea) year-old woman.

In the photographs the new image of a sophisticated and sexy IU is unveiled. She is sitting while wearing a natural toned dress, posing with dreamy eyes which stare at the camera. The photos capture IU’s transformation taking place before the viewer’s eyes as her apperance changes from a young girl to a lady.

Netizens soon reacted to the new look of IU saying, “IU you look so mature now,” “You were known as cute, but now you’ve changed over to sexy,” “IU will be twenty years-old you sure have grown a lot,” and “I will certainly look forward to your activities in Japan.”

Just this past Friday, IU had completed a live showcase for her fans in Japan. Her Japanese album “Good Day”, which will be a Japanese remake of her Korean hit, is expected to be released on March 21.

What are your thoughts on IU’s more grown up look?