IU, Nicole, and Hara Dance T-ara’s "Shuffle Dance" on "Inkigayo"

During the February 12 live broadcast of SBS’ “Inkigayo,” T-ara performed their catchy single “Lovey Dovey.” While the “Lovey Dovey” performance, IU along with Goo Hara and Nicole of Kara put on a show of their own. The three MC’s were caught in the act as they were seen dancing along to the song.

The concept for T-ara’s “Love Dovey” includes the shuffle dance, yet the group put a new and exciting twist on the popular dance. During T-ara’s stage, the MC’s couldn’t help but join in and try their hand at the addictive dance. IU, Goo Hara, and Nicole tried their best to pull off the moves while being outfitted in cocktail dresses and stilettoes. Their interpretation of the dance was no doubt a fun filled and enthusiastic take.

Along with T-ara, Se7en, MBLAQ, FT Island, Teen Top, Davichi, Lee Hyun, Sunny Hill, Boyfriend, Brian, Rainbow Pixie, Spica, B.A.P., Fat Cat, Led Apple also appeared on yesterday’s episode of “Inkigayo.”

If you have not seen the performance of T-ara’s “Lovey Dovey” featuring IU, Goo Hara, and Nicole be sure to check it out here. (The MC’s can be seen dancing at 2:23.)