Shin Min Ah’s Old Photo of Crooked Eyebrows Humors Fans

Earlier today, an old photo of actress Shin Min Ah has been circulating various internet communities, shocking netizens. Titled “Shin Min Ah’s Funny Past,” the photo showed fans a very different impression of the beautiful actress. Her “eyebrow expression” especially caught netizens’ eyes. 

The photo was captioned, “Look at Min Ah’s eyebrows. I told her that I’ll make her eyebrows unbalanced. She immediately made this expression. There are so many other funny expressions, but they were too eerie they got cut.”

Netizens commented, “Very different from the Shin Min Ah we’re used to,” “She’s so funny! I wish we could see the other photos as well,” “Her eyebrows are so funny!” and more.

Meanwhile, Shin Min Ah will be making her much-anticipated comeback though the upcoming movie, “Only You,” co-starring “Brain’sShin Ha Kyun. The movie will be Shin Min Ah’s first project in nearly two years. Her last project was drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,” with Lee Seung Gi back in 2010.