miss A’s Suzy Has Huge Feet?

miss A’s Suzy appeared on “Invincible Youth 2” and had shocked viewers with her huge feet. She got the nickname “King Feet from Gwangnju” for the episode that was broadcast on February 11. On the episode, the members took part in a wrestling match. miss A’s Suzy easily went up to the finals. 

The MC Boom stated, “Suzy’s foot size is 11 inches. Suzy’s foot size is the source of her power.”

The interesting fact is that she had considered her feet as her complex. They are actually a size 8. In the past miss A’s Suzy had stated, “My feet are too big to wear pretty shoes. Sometimes I put on heels that are too small for my feet when I go on stage, so my heels end up hurting a lot.”

After the broadcast of “Immortal Youth 2,” miss A’s Suzy put up a simple explanation on her twitter February 12. She wrote “249.9” which probably means that her actual shoe size is 249.9 mm which is around 9.8 inches.