Yoon Jong Shin Suffers From An Incurable Rare Disease

Singer and entertainer, Yoon Jong Shin, recently confessed that he was suffering from an incurable disease. On a recent recording of SBSHealing Camp, Aren’t You Happy,” Yoon Jong Shin revealed personal stories he has yet to disclose on any other broadcast or interview.

For the upcoming episode of “Healing Camp,” Yoon Jong Shin reveal stories he’s never told on national broadcast.

For this episode, Yoon Jong Shin said, “Since my debut, 22 years ago, this is the first time I am guesting alone on a talk show.” He continued on to disclose to the MC’s, “I am suffering from an incurable disease” startling everyone present in the studio.

He said, “The hemorrhoids, that I have previously revealed that I was suffering from, was really a result from this disease” surprising MC Lee Kyung Kyu, Han Hye Jin, and Kim Jae Dong. Jang Mi Ra (Yoon Jong Shin’s wife), who was also present during this recording, told the MC’s, “Yoon Jong Shin told me in tears about the disease early on, while we were still dating.”

Yoon Jong Shin’s wife, Jang Mi Ra was also present during this recording.

It was also revealed that the doctors were unable to pinpoint what the cause of his disease was, and, therefore, there are no cures currently for this disease.

This episode of “Healing Camp” is set to broadcast on Febrary 13, at 11:15 PM.