Ryu Shi Won to Return to TV After 4 Years

Actor Ryu Shi Won has been casted to play the main character of upcoming Channel A drama “Goodbye Wifey (Goodbye Manool).” This is his first TV appearance in four years since SBS “Style” in 2009. In “Goodbye Wifey,” Ryo Shi Won will play Cha Seung Hyuk, an ex-martial arts champion, CEO of a major sports center, and a rather insensitive and childish husband. 

Cha Seung Hyuk was one of the most popular martial artists who was also adored by many women for his good looks. In the midst of such popularity, he fell in love with a nun and the two lovebirds got married. The love story of a martial arts champion and a nun drew the public’s attention, portraying Cha Seung Hyuk as the “most romantic guy of the century.” After five years of marriage, Cha Seung Hyuk is still every women’s dream guy, but he himself is sick and tired of the married life, and only sustaining such life based on his loyalty to the wife rather than romance. 

Unlike previous chic urban male characters, Ryu Shi Won will play the role of a “regular husband” who hates being told what to do by his wife and is always daydreaming about the “other life” he could have had. Many fans are already excited to see such transformation in character. Ryu Shi Won decided to take the role of Cha Seung Hyuk as soon as he read through the synopsis and the pilot script.  

An official from “Goodbye Wifey” commented, “It seems like Ryu Shi Won was attached to this drama as soon as he was done reading the script. He’s also really excited to portray a new kind of character, which he’s never played before. Watching his transformation into a regular guy from some urban legendary male figure would be interesting and attract many viewers.” 

“Goodbye Wifey” is a romantic comedy about a mischievous husband who dreams of getting away from his wife to pursue his first love and a wife who gets smitten once again by a guy from her past. The show will air on channel A on May 7.