Interview with Upcoming Girl Group EXID

“Bad comments? That is probably coming our way because people are interested in us.”

Within the K-Pop industry, the Shinsadong Tiger is currently a rising star. His upcoming girl group “EXID” will soon be debuting and they are receiving a lot of attention, in the form of negative comments.

However, EXID stated “Of course we are getting negative comments because people are interested in us and also anticipating us.”

They also stated, “Of course we are nervous. However, the Shinsadong Tiger oppa is telling us just to have fun on stage so we are just following his words.” (Haeryung)

“We felt a lot of weight on our shoulders because we were being called the ‘Shinsadong Tiger’s Girl Group.’” (Jung Hwa, LE)

The name “EXID” stands for “Exceed In Dreaming” which is Shinsadong Tiger’s for the group “Go Beyond Your Dreams.” Member Dami stated, “We want to be a group that is worth of the name.”

The group EXID is made up of Yooji, Dami, Hani, Haeryung, Junghwa and LE. Out of these members, Haeryung, Hani, Junghwa, and Yooji have been trainees of JYP for 3~4 years. Most of these members did not have a chance to debut in their respective agencies.

The member Yooji stated, “On the internet we are being called the girl group with a lot of ‘resentment,’ and I think they are right. Hahaha, that is why all of us are here after circling around different places because of our dreams. Since we are at a new starting line, we want to show everything we can.”