Park Bo Young’s Birthday Party Picture Revealed

Park Bo Young posted on twitter, “It was such a happy and grateful day. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. Especially the staffs of ‘Wolf Boy,’ thank you so much and I love you all.” She posted a picture from her birthday party along with the comment.

In the photo, Park Bo Young is holding a large bouquet of flowers in front of a three-layer cake and is about to blow out the candles. Next to her are people assumed to be crew members of “Wolf Boy” dressed as a famous characters “Doraemon,” and “BboongBbongee,” clapping and celebrating Park Bo Young’s birthday. Netizens also wished Park Bo Young happy birthday and commented on the picture, “Happy Birthday Bo Young,” “You look so happy,” and “Wow, you must be really close to your staffs. It’s so cute that they threw you a party like this.” 

Park Bo Young is currently filming a new movie, “Wolf Boy” with actor Song Joong Ki