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Park Ji Yoon, age 30, is famous for her songs “Coming-of-Age Ceremony” and “I Know How.”  She was titled “Sexy Queen of All Singers” because of her sexy dance and provocative appearance.  

Then, one day, the “Sexy Queen” disappeared.  She separated from JYP Entertainment in 2003, but reappeared on the radars as a folk guitarist in 2009.  She led an underground lifestyle away from all the glitz and glamour of the celebrity world.  No one heard from her since.  Come February 2012.  Park Ji Yoon stretches out of her cave.  For the first time in 14 years since her debut, she has taken on the challenge of singing in the opera Aria.  She even appeared on a talk show.  

“It was a series of questions and concerns.  Then, I found myself and became healthier.  I want to understand the world.  I’m 30 years old this year.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.  Since I debuted at a young age, I’ve always admired the older stars.  Now, I’m also there,” a mature Park Ji Yoon honestly reveals.  In this interview, she talks about singing, standing alone, and her love and hate relationship with JYPE.

“Going Solo, I Found Myself and My Confidence”

“‘A Dream That Becomes a Tree‘ is the title of my 8th album that will be released February 16.  The album consists of uncluttered acoustic guitar arrangements.  It is more upbeat than my 7th album that was released in 2009.  Half of the tracks I wrote and composed myself.  There are also tracks where I play the guitar part myself.  It’s a first since my debut.  I also collaborated with Mate, No Reply, and Dear Cloud.  The album cover also includes a photo that I took myself.  It’s a rather large portrait in which I hope portrays understanding.  While doing my solo work, I was able to find my true colors and become a better me.  Before, I always thought of entertainment work as a rather unpleasant business.  I often thought to myself, ‘This isn’t for me’ and ‘When can I stop doing this work?’  But, now I can freely smile and be myself in front of other people.  I was able to find my self-confidence during my solo work.”

                                            Park Ji Yoon receiving coaching for opera, Aria

“I Want Others to Say, ‘Wow, Park Ji Yoon Had This Side to Her!'”

“I studied voice training for about one year since entering middle school.  I received an offer at that time.  At first, I refused.  Then, I thought that I would be able to show a different side of myself as a singer so I accepted.  As a singer, I have a unique voice, but I’ve never shown a powerful voice.  I wanted others to listen and say, ‘Wow, Park Ji Yoon also had this side to her!’  I did a live performance and thought to myself, ‘Why did I say I would do this?’  I almost regretted the decision.”  She smiles, “I was also burdened by having to reach the high notes.  By nature, I’m rather passive so it’s important for me to appear confident on stage.  I was very nervous.”

“Muscat Love”

“I think the movie, ‘Muscat Love,’ will premiere after May.  ‘Muscat Love’ is a Cannes Film Festival Residence Program candidate.  Therefore, I heard that it will premiere to the public after being exhibited at the film festival.  “Muscat Love” is a movie that touches on growing pains.  Aside from the movie, I’m still watching the drama.”

“I Matured as Much as I Felt the Pain”

“I had a dispute with JYP over contract renewal.  At that time, my contract had ended after my sixth album.  I had worked so hard for the company, but the fact that they didn’t think of me as family was really painful for me.  I felt that they had deserted me.  I felt quite bitter and had a hard time dealing with it.  I hated JYP and wanted to erase all the memories.  However, I think I’m still around today in the entertainment business thanks to the success from JYP’s ‘Coming of Age Ceremony.’  It’s not a song that just anyone could have made for me.  It was certainly a painful period in my life, but as much as it was painful, I definitely matured just as much.  If I hadn’t gone through that experience, I think even now I would be very immature in my ways of thinking.  When I think about it now, I am thankful for that experience.”

Park Ji Yoon’s performance of “I Know How”

 Park Ji Yoon’s performance of “Coming of Age Ceremony”

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