Yeo Jin Goo "Acting Is My Stress Reliever"

Child actor Yeo Jin Goo from “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” revealed his brain layout on MBC “Section TV Entertainment News.” What takes up the most part of his brain is studying. Yeo Jin Goo explained, “It’s because I’m still a student. I’ve been told that studying should be my number on priority.” He is known to be a diligent student at school. 

When asked about acting, which takes about the same amount of his brain as studying, Yeo Jin Goo answered jokingly, “Acting is my stress reliever.” Reporter Park Seul Ki humorously commented, “I think this is going to be considered as a ludicrous statement,” and this led both of them to burst out into laughter. 

Yeo Jin Goo also commented on his low voice, “My voice has been broken. I think people like me for having masculine facial features as well as low voice.”