Block B’s Gorilla Dance Version a Blockbuster Hit

Block B recently released a Gorilla Dance version for their song “Nanrina“.

After releasing their mini-album “Welcome to the Block” on February 2, the Gorilla Dance move featured in their title track “Nanrina” music video has quickly become the talk of the town.

The dance move and the attire that instantly hints at a gorilla has been gaining popularity even amongst elementary students.  It took a few months of modifications before the seven member group completed their gorilla dance to its current perfection.

BNS Entertainment states, “As the Hallyu Wave rises in popularity, fans making dance covers are popular, not just within Korea, but abroad as well.  It’s standard for a dance cover group to form as the singers rise in popularity.  As such, the requests from fans for a dance version of the music video is off the hook.  In response, we have prepared a dance version video for the fans to practice the gorilla dance.”