Eugene "Jealous" over Hubby’s Peck-on-the-Cheek Scenes

Former S.E.S member Eugene’s husband, actor Ki Tae Young, recently joked with a news reporter about his kiss scenes. He laughingly said, “When Eugene watched my drama ‘Live with Style,’ she said, ‘I’ve never seen a drama that had so many kisses on the cheek.'” He continued by saying, “However, it’s Eugene that really encourages me. As actors, we can’t get concerned with skin-ship(kiss) scenes.”

To the question, “To what degree is skin-ship allowed?” he replied, “Anything within a normal drama is fine.” Ki Tae Young, who recently married Eugene last May, showed that they were still in the newlywed frame of mind. When asked what type of work he’d like to try next, he replied that he’d like to try a dark melodrama. And, “If I have the chance, I’d like to act in a drama with Eugene.” You can read about the couple’s post-wedding press conference here.

“Live with Style” airs Saturdays and Sundays on SBS.