Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Yoon Gun Release Interview Video for “Don’t Say No”

After giving a preview of their new song last week, Girls’ Generations’ Seohyun and Yoon Gun finally released their duet track, “Don’t Say No,” on February 13. Following the release of the single, the two singers also posted an interview video on the SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

Seohyun starts the video by saying, “Hi all, this is Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun. Today is the day I’m recording the duet song with Yoon Gun, a sunbae I really like. Can you see Yoon Gun sitting over there? He’s been starring in ‘Highkick 3’ as the music teacher lately, but he wrote such a great song for me. It’s so lovely and emotional, and it continues to resonate in my ears. I hope you all love it, and Yoon Gun will give a more detailed explanation of the song.”

Yoon Gun says he was looking for someone with a clear ringing voice to sing the song. “I think Seohyun perfectly fulfilled all the needs for this song. I’m so happy and excited because the recording seems to be done so well. We’ve seen a lot of electro-based songs lately, but ‘Don’t Say No’ incorporates a lot of guitar and piano sounds to make it basically an ‘unplugged song.’ If I had to define the song, it would be a ‘pop serenade.’”

Enjoy the full interview below!