miss A Suzy is the New Face of Teen’s Nature Cosmetics

miss A‘s Suzy landed an advertising deal with cosmetics brand “Teen’s Nature.”

The group’s maknae has been very busy with her life as a singer but also as a drama and movie actress. Suzy is known for her ability to act and has been chosen as the model for teen’s cosmetics line, “Teen’s Nature.”

She comes from the generation of multi-task idols and has emerged as one of the most popular since her role in hit drama “Dream High.”

The miss A member has been chosen to represent the brand for her bright and youthful image.

Watch the commercials below:

Netizens showed a hot response to Suzy’s commercial and commented, “From singing, to acting and now being a cosmetic model?” one then added, “As expected from Suzy, she can do anything.”

It has been reported that since Suzy has been representing the brand through posters and TV commercials, the sales of “Teen’s Nature” products have been on the rise thanks to Suzy’s tremendous popularity. The new make-up line has been very popular among teenagers lately.

Meanwhile, miss A unveiled the first set of teaser images for their comeback today.