"Moon That Embraces the Sun" Bae Noo Ri’s Surprising "Mannequin Body"

Recently, netizens have sniffed out Bae Noo Ri’s old pictures and are surprised at the difference between the pictures and the character she plays. Bae Noo Ri plays Jan Shil on the MBC drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” In the drama, Jan Shil is a rough, but cute character who wears raggedy hanbok and has a shaggy haircut.

However, looking through Bae Noo Ri’s blog, netizens discovered her “shocking” past pictures. In the pictures, Bae Noo Ri is wearing a black dress, which shows off her voluptuous figure, a.k.a. “mannequin body.” She’s also giving the camera a somewhat sexy stare. The pictures were past profile photographs. However, it was the glamourous past photographs, compared to her current rough character which seemed to surprise the netizens.

Netizen responses to the pictures included, “I can’t believe that this is Jan Shil,” and “She’s so pretty.” The pictures shouldn’t be of much of a surprise to netizens because she was chosen as a clothing model in 2008, and has acted in “Dream High” and “Little Girl K.”