Wonder Girls Share New MV Photos for "Like Money"

Photos taken from the filming set of the Wonder Girls’ new music video, “Like Money,” have been released. On February 12, the following photos were uploaded on an online community board, giving a glimpse into the concept of the Wonder Girls’ new single and MV.

In the group photo, you can see the girls in a cyborg-type setting, dressed in futuristic outfits and makeup. The super car and blue lights that show up in the other photos hint at the overall high-tech, futuristic concept of the MV for “Like Money.”

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “I can’t wait to hear the song,” “From retro to future style?” and “Looking forward to the new concept.”

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls worked with Katy Perry’s stylist, Johnny Wujek, for “Like Money.” The song was played during the intro of Teen Nick’s movie program, “The Wonder Girls.”