Yoo Seung Ho Praised by Former Teacher After Graduation

The nation’s dongsaeng Yoo Seung Ho‘s transformation to a handsome young man has impressed many fans.

On the February 13 broadcast of MBC “Feel Good Day,” actor Yoo Seung Ho’s brand-new self as a grown-up man has been revealed. The footage was actually filmed on February 9, date of Yoo Seung Ho’s high school graduation ceremony.

One of Yoo Seung Ho’s teacher stated during the interview portion, “Yoo Seung Ho is a very good student. He is very good at studying and especially excels in language and enjoys history classes. If he would only focus on studying during his time off school, he would be one of the best students and would easily get into one of the top colleges.”

Yoo Seung Ho revealed, “I would like to study acting in college later. Since I just graduated from high school, I want to focus a bit more on acting and live the life of an actor.”

It has been revealed that Yoo Seung Ho, who recently graduated, received acceptance from a top university but declined it and put his college admissions on hold to focus a bit more on acting.

Yoo Seung Ho also celebrated his graduation with a party on the set of his new drama.

Meanwhile, actor Yoo Seung Ho is busy with his latest drama “Operation Proposal,” based on the Japanese drama “Proposal Daisakusen.”