Singer Psy Cameos for Dream High 2

Singer Psy made a surprise cameo for the drama, “Dream High 2.”

For the fifth episode that aired yesterday (Korea time), February 13, Psy made an appearance in KBS “Dream High 2” as a drill sergeant from hell.

For the students who needed additional help after competing in a duet contest, they were sent to a marine based camp where Psy was the drill sergeant in charge of training them.

When the students greeted first him happily (in the episode), Psy responded coldly (as expected from the devil drill sergeant), “I am not that person you students think I am. I am also not the person who stands on stages of clubs as a look-a-like of that person” while demanding that the students all shout their answers unanimously.

Psy cameos as the drill sergeant from hell in “Dream High 2.”

Meanwhile, after already previously experiencing boot camp as a trainee for OhJu Entertainment Company, Lee Ahn (Ji Yeon‘s character) immediately started to fake sickness to get out of it which was quickly caught by the drill sergeant. He informed her on how he will teach her how to really act phony by saying, “You glamorously cross your legs. Then you flutter your eyelashes. That is the real ‘fake’ acting.”  Psy was praised not only for bringing laughter to the audience from his cameo, but also making his presence known despite his short appearance in the drama.