"Operation Proposal"’s Crew Throw a Surprise Party to Celebrate Yoo Seung Ho’s Graduation

To celebrate actor Yoo Seung Ho‘s high school graduation, the crew of his latest drama “Operation Proposal” prepared a surprise party.

On February 9, the nation’s dongsaeng graduated from Baeshin’s High School located in Gyeonggido.

On February 10, the production crew of the drama “Operation Proposal” held a surprise party on the set of the drama to congratulate Seung Ho on his graduation. They secretly prepared champagne and cakes and wished him more success in the future.

That day, the production team told him, “Now Seung Ho isn’t a child anymore and has become an adult,” sincerely congratulating their friend. The surprise party proved to be a success.

Seung Ho, who had no idea about the party and didn’t see it coming, seemed very surprised and a bit embarassed but he brightly smiled and couldn’t hide his joy. He said to the staff, “It seems that I will have to work even harder from now on!” and also thanked everyone as he said, “Seeing you congratulating me with a party, it gives me more strength to keep going.”

Yoo Seung Ho has been very popular for starring in the hit drama “Queen Seon Duk” as Chunchu and in another popular drama “Warrior Baek Dong Soo.”

He is also known for his work in “God of Study” and “Flames of Ambition,” and is currently busy filming his new drama “Operation Proposal” the Korean version of the Japanese drama “Proposal Daisakusen.”