T-ara Hyomin and Bobo Fu Xinbo Share a Kiss on Chinese WGM

T-ara’s Hyomin and Chinese idol group Bobo’s member Fu Xinbo shared their first awkward kiss on the Chinese “We Got Married.” On February 13, the Chinese “We Got Married” shared a clip of Fu Xinbo kissing Hyomin’s forehead for the episode that would be broadcast on the next day.

The clip showed Fu Xinbo kissing Hyomin’s forehead while she is making an awkward smile. The director stated “Let’s try it once more,” and Fu Xinbo took a deep breath because he was nervous.

Chinese Netizens stated, “I am against this couple!” “The Two look so good together,” and “I am jealous of this couple.”

Fu Xinbo introduced Hyomin as his virtual wife on his Weibo January 17, “Everyone I will officially introduce my Korean wife.”