Park Shi Hoo Makes Cover of Japanese Magazine

One Japanese magazine focused on Park Shi Hoo. Park Shi Hoo appeared on the Japanese Kyodo Magazine “Want to Know More! Korean TV Drama vol.47.” Park Shi Hoo made the cover of the magazine and had nearly 20 pages of interview and information.

The photoshoot for the “Want to Know More! Korean TV Drama” interview of the magazine was held at Park Shi Hoo’s home. The complete interview with Park Shi Hoo was made up of nearly 10,000 words.

Japanese fans that had the chance to purchase the magazine stated, “I fell in love with the camera of the magazine and bought it,” “I like how there are different photoshoot pictures,” and “the interview had a lot of good content.”

Park Shi Hoo was invited to appear at the “Yumi Katsura 2012 Grand Collection in Tokyo.”