IU"s "Good Day" Picked As Number One Song for Valentine’s Day

IU’s sweet hit song “Good Day” has been picked as the number one love song for Valentine’s Day.

In commemoration of Valentine’s Day on February 14, the music site, Monkey3, held a poll for listeners’ favorite Valentine’s Day songs.

IU’s “Good Day,” which describes the nervous and anticipatory feelings of love confession, took first place with 42 percent of the votes. This song is still receiving a lot of love despite having been released in 2010.

Other songs that also received votes were Secret’s “Starlight, Moonlight,” Fin.K.L’s “To My Boyfriend,” Park Jung Hyun’s “P.S. I Love You,” and Lyn’s “Honey Baby Love.

What would be your number one pick for Valentine’s Day? Perhaps these songs will also be on your Valentine’s Day playlist too.