Daesung’s Teaser Image is Revealed

Big Bang has completed their filming for their music video in New York City. After fighting the paparazzi the group finished their business at hand.  During the weekend VIPs have been dying to see a glimpse of the members, whether it was through a fan-cam or photo online or actually in person. In short it had been a long weekend for both parties. Finally something official has surfaced online.  It is the second teaser photo for the group’s highly anticipated comeback album, “Alive”.

Last week TOP’s teaser image was revealed.  This time around it is the group’s “smiling angel” Daesung.  In the photo released through the official YG Life Blog, Daesung can be seen sporting his striking new blonde hair. Some netizens have made the remark that the hairstyle is similar to that of G-Dragon’s during the “Heartbreaker” promotions.  On Daesung it suits him well. The album’s concept is slowly coming to light, like with TOP’s photo the oxygen mask trend continues.  Following the format as the previous teaser image, next to Daesung, appear the words “Alive,” “Big Bang,” and “Wings” in the upper right-hand corner. 

Without further ado here is Daesung’s photo.

What are your thoughts on the image concept as well as Daesungs new do?