Park Han Byul Reveals High Calorie Midnight Snack

Actress Park Han Byul revealed her high calorie food intake.

The actress uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption “Ahh! Filming is done for today! I thought it was night because it was dark, time has already… It should be the start of the day for some people. I had a hamburger and banana-flavored milk this midnight. Everyone have a good day” on February 14.

In the revealed picture, Park Han Byul is enjoying her hamburger and banana-flavored milk in a car. Although her thick jacket looks ordinary, her shining beauty still gained interest.

Fans and netizens who saw the picture reacted with diverse responses “She has a God-given body even though she eats hamburgers at midnight,” “This is fake,” and “Well she is pretty even though she is doing that.”