JYJ’s Junsu Successfully Completes First Performance of Musical “Elizabeth”

JYJ’s Junsu is receiving lots of praise for his performance as “Death” in the musical “Elizabeth.”

“Elizabeth” is an Austrian musical that has been performed all around the world since 1992. Junsu’s plays “Death” in the musical, as the lover of Empress Elizabeth of Austria. This musical is already Junsu’s third musical after “Mozart!” and “Tears in Heaven.” Both of the musicals bragged high ticket sales due to the casting of Junsu, and “Elizabeth” was no exception. The first round of ticket sales for the musical sold out in under 10 minutes, specifically that of the performances that feature Junsu.

His first performance occurred on February 12 with much success. Two performances were held that day, at 2pm and 7pm. The 1700 audience members of each show gave a loud round of applause at the end.

The music director, Kim Moon Jung, stated, “Kim Junsu’s uniquely husky voice brought mystery and sexiness to the ‘Death.’ He also has chemistry with his fellow actors and the audience. I think he must be a genius in order to have brought that level of acting to the performance.”

The composer Sylvester Levay also praised Junsu by stating, “Junsu’s performance was perfect. I am very satisfied.”

Junsu responded to the praise with, “I worked with the best staff and actors. I have fallen in love with the character of Death. The character urges audiences to think about life and happiness. I will do my best to continue to show the best Death.”

It was also found that fellow JYJ member Yoochun, who is busy filming for his new drama “Rooftop Prince,” took time out to visit Junsu that day to show his support.