Image2Play: Your New Interactive Tool for K-Pop

Hi Soompiers,

We are excited to announce the beta launch of Image2Play on Soompi! Image2Play is a service that analyzes images and matches them up with the corresponding video for you to play. Have you ever looked at a screenshot from a variety show or drama and wanted to be able to watch it? Now you can! Check out a couple examples here. (Click the blue triangle logo in the upper right corner to view the clips associated with these screenshots!)

External from soompi image

(From JB and Kang Sora Cover Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” on “Dream High 2”)

External from soompi image

(From miss A’s Suzy Has Huge Feet?)

Really interesting, right? These are all recent screenshots taken from our articles, but you can post your own photos on the site, and as long as there’s a corresponding video, you’ll be able to check it out. So we hope this technology will prove to be a fun and useful addition to our articles and forums! (Today, Image2Play is being launched across our editorial site; the forums will follow sometime next week.)

Image2Play is the invention of Soompi’s parent company, Enswers, and as such, we will consider your feedback closely. Feel free to contact with any feedback, positive or negative. Right now, Image2Play is in beta, but for the full launch, we hope to be able to provide subtitles. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the beta product!

If you’re interested in learning more about Image2Play, check out this article: Image2Play Connects Images to the Videos They Came From (All Things D).