Rainbow’s Ji Sook Used to Date a Member of an Idol Group

Ji Sook from the girl group Rainbow revealed the truth about dating someone who is now a part of a popular idol group. Ji Sook appeared on the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” that will broadcast on February 14. She stated, “My ex-boyfriend from my trainee days is now a member of a popular idol group.”

Then she added, “My boyfriend at the time gave me a lot of help while I was a trainee and I am thankful for that. Currently we are good friends.”

The MC Lee Seung Gi said, “Is there more than 5 people in the group?” and Ji Sook replied, “The group is either made up of five, or less.”

Rainbow as a whole will be appearing on SBS MTV’s upcoming music live talk show. The first recording will be held on February 14 and the first episode will be held on February 29.