Teen Top’s Dancing Is Perfectly Synchronized

Teen Top has gained much attention for their precise dance moves. When they debuted in July 2010, the average age of the members was roughly sixteen years old. The wide-eyed rookies soon captured music fans hearts with their perfect and energetic dance performances. Teen Top also agrees that their charm and dancing skills have attributed to their popularity.

In January, the group’s latest song “Crazy,” was released. Teen Top had been actively preparing for their comeback stage with nine hours a day sessions for three months straight, all of this so they could perfect their dance moves. During their preparations for their debut track “Clap” they spent five hours per day for five months rehearsing. It is apparent that each of the members fits well together on stage.

However it wasn’t until their third single, “Don’t Spray Perfume,” that the members began to understand each other. It is similar to baseball in the sense that “chemistry” must be formed within the team for success. They were able to talk amongst one another and through the process helped them to develop friendships with each other, similar to that of their role model Shinhwa

Teen Top has won two mutizen awards earlier this month for their single “Crazy.” They are the youngest group to have the honor of winning awards on “Music Bank,” “Inkigayo,” and “Music Core.”

Tough competition awaits Teen Top as the month continues. SM is set to release their ambitious boy band, EXO. Then they are sandwiched between MBLAQ, Beast, and Big Bang’s comebacks. Teen Top feels confident with the admiration and support of their fans.

“We might be stuck in the middle since we’re beginning to get noticed. We will watch and be inspired by their stages. It is an honor to be compared with such legends. Teen Top is always ready to work hard. We’re not afraid of breaking a sweat. We have made a commitment to not be considered a junior group.”

They also commented on the recent flood of idol groups, “The competition seems to be developing. Pop music will ultimately evolve from this. You must come out as a strong and decent group.”

Once their latest promotions are completed, Teen Top intends to focus on overseas expansion. The group held a fan meeting in Japan last year where they received a positive response from the Japanese crowd. Teen Top has a fan meeting in Taiwan scheduled for some time in March.