2PM "Hands Up Asia Tour Concert" Sells Out in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Nanjing

2PM’s “Hands Up Asia Tour Concert” has sold out in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Nanjing. Last year in September 2011, 2PM also sold out for its tour that went on through Seoul, Taiwan, Jakarta, and Singapore.

The first part of the tour will begin on February 18 in Bangkok, February 25 in Nanjing, and March 10 in Hong Kong. The company in charge of the tour CJ E&M Live stated, “Currently the hardest market for Hallyu is China where concert culture isn’t developed as much and Hong Kong where it is already established. There haven’t been many K-Pop tours that have a record of being sold out. The ‘Hands Up Asia Tour Concert’ is a synergy between 2PM and M-Live.

After hearing the news about tickets being sold out 2PM stated, “We didn’t get a chance to meet the Chinese fans in Korea, but through this concert we will represent South Korea. Thank you for helping achieve such a feat.”

Then JYP stated, “We thank the fans in Asia and South Korea that have given support to 2PM. We will give back by having a successful tour.”