BoA Lets Her Hair Down

An online forum recently posted a picture of international superstar BoA doing something that many of us do: Taking a trip the the hair salon.

In the picture, BoA is sitting and flipping through a magazine while waiting for her hair to be cut and styled. The hair salon looks like any ordinary place, and BoA looks like any ordinary customer. For fans, of course, this is a rare glimpse at a top star on her day off. This is just one picture, and hopefully BoA doesn’t mind that someone caught her with her hair down. The person who originally posted the picture wrote, “She was reading a book the whole time while her hair was being done.”

Netizen comments included, “I heard that she likes to read, but it’s really true,” and “Wow! It’s really BoA! So cool!” BoA has finished up filiming her movie “Cobu 3D” and is currently a judge on SBS “Survival Audition K-Pop Star.”