Eugene Makes V-Day Chocolate for Hubby Ki Tae Yang

As you all know, February 14 is Valentine’s Day. And in Korea, women give presents of chocolate to the man they like. On March 14, White Day, if the guy has mutual feelings for the girl, he gives her something on that day. Former S.E.S. member Eugene appeared on the KBS2 TV program “Star Life Theatre” and made Valentine’s Day chocolates for her husband, Ki Tae Yang.

On the 12th, the chocolate maker that participated in the filming Tweeted about Eugene’s appearance and wished her luck in making chocolate. They also uploaded the picture below.

Netizens were quick to call Ki Tae Yang “lucky.” A number of Korean sites have made polls asking for favorite star Valentine Day picks. Check out some of the polls here and here. Are any of you guys making chocolate for a special someone this Valentine’s Day?