T-ara’s Manager Reveals Members Sleeping in Flight

As one of the most popular active idol groups, T-ara spends a lot of time travelling overseas for performances. T-ara’s manager gave the public a sneak peek into how the girls are in an aircraft through the release of pictures of the members taken in flight.

In the pictures, all the members are caught catching up on much-needed rest and sleep, and bundled up in warm blankets. The series of pictures was taken on the flight to Paris, where T-ara was one of the star-studded line-up for KBS’ “Music Bank in Paris.” Apart from meals, the members of T-ara slept through the 10-hour flight, according to reports.

Like the in-flight photos of Girls’ Generation, the pictures of T-ara have also caught fans’ and netizens’ attention. Reactions such as “Eunjung fell asleep in front of the computer,” “Soyeon fell asleep reading a book?” “T-ara cute!” and other similar comments came from those who have seen the pictures.

T-ara is currently on the charts for their track, “Lovey Dovey.”