After School Uee in Wedding Dress for "Ojakgyo Brothers"

After School member Uee has transformed into a beautiful bride. Uee plays the haughty Baek Ja Eun in the drama “Ojakgyo Brothers.” Uee posted the pictures to her Twitter account and wrote that she was shooting this scene with Joo Won who plays Hwang Tae Hee all night.

In the wedding scene, Uee wears a white, one-shoulder dress and is being led to the alter. What’s amazing about this particular dress is the cost. It cost 800 million won, or 715,000 USD. Uee looks absolutely stunning in the dress.

Netizens commented that, “They look great together,” and “Uee looks great in a wedding dress.” They also complimented her acting skills. “Ojakgyo Brothers” airs on Sadurdays and Sundays on KBS. Catch up with episodes and chat with other Soompiers in the “Ojakgyo Brothers” thread. What do you guys think of Uee in the wedding dress?