Moon Hee Jun On the Price of Love

Former H.O.T. member Moon Hee Jun recently talked about the price of love on the OBS program “Kim Gu Ra and Moon Hee Jun’s Gossip Girl.” “I had a girlfriend who literally put a price on love,” he started. “She’s someone that I’d known for a long time. But she used my credit card so much that the magnetic tape was ruined,” he confessed.

In the end, the girl’s demands were just too much for him to keep up with and they parted ways. He said that she was really just using him for his money and so he could buy her presents. This Valentine’s Day “Gossip Girl” special will be aired on February 16. Look forward to Moon Hee Jun confessing various areas of his love life.

Valentine’s Day is here. Do you guys have any crazy stories like Moon Hee Jun’s? It is hard to believe that someone could use a credit card so much that the magnetic strip is ruined. Or maybe I just need to use my credit card more.