Wonder Girls Ye Eun Releases Self-Composed Song for "Dream High 2" OST

Wonder Girls Ye Eun‘s self composed song will be revealed today.

On February 14, JYP praised Ye Eun’s hardwork and honest heart as he tweeted, “Rookies tend to have a strong passion, sincerity and self-discipline. But as time passes, many artists forget this. When it comes to this I don’t have the desire to work with them anymore. But there is one person I still want to work with. Someone who didn’t change despite the years and success, Ye Eun who has the mindset of a rookie. Her self composed song will be released tonight at midnight!”

He also revealed, “I’m waiting for ‘Dream High‘s’ broadcast in my hotel room in Busan. Is there anyone else waiting for the broadcast too? Even though we are watching at home let’s take this as our Valentine’s Day date.~^^”

Park Ye Eun will release the song under her producer’s name “Ha:tfelt.” Ye Eun is well  known for having written, composed and produced songs for the Wonder Girls album “Wonder World.” She composed and wrote “Saying I Love You” from Wonder Girls’ “The Wonder Years Trilogy” mini album and gifted the Wonderfuls with a track titled “For Wonderful.”

She also wrote, composed and produced “Smile,” “G.N.O” and also remade an old korean song “Me,In” from the Wonder Girls second album.

The new track titled “Hello to Myself” will be featured on the soundtrack of “Dream High 2.”

Listen to the song below!