NU’EST’s Len Has a Smaller Face than After School’s Lizzy

A playful photo of After School’s Lizzy and NU’EST’s Ren has been posted. On February 13, Lizzy posted on her Twitter, “This is NU’EST’s Ren, who is part of the Busan family. How can you be prettier than me? And it looks like Len received a manicure. Cutie, fighting,” along with a photo.

In the posted picture, Lizzy and Ren are making the same pose, giving off their cute charm. More attention was brought since netizens exclaimed that Len’s face looked smaller than Lizzy’s face. Also, Ren’s pink manicure looked fancier than Lizzy’s nails, which also sparked much interest.

NU’EST is in the same record label as After School. They will be debuting sometime next month. Meanwhile, After School is currently promoting in Japan.