Superstar K3” contestant Do Dae Yoon of the duo, Two Months, recently expressed his sufferings, which generated much interest among netizens.

On the main panel of his mini homepage he wrote, “God, I’m suffering… Just into the arms of the Lord.” On another part of his site, he wrote, “Why is this lifestyle so not suited for me? I want to continue Two Months but, Yerim, I’m so sorry. You’re always so good but even when I always try to be good, I can’t. I’m sorry fans, for always disappointing.”

It seems like Do Dae Yoon is still suffering the aftermath of recent criticisms due to his Twitter activities as well as rumors of him being “bad” in clubs.

Even after Do Dae Yoon was forced to shut down his Twitter due to the whole IU/Taeyang incident, he was yet again criticized afterwards. Previously, he posted a picture of himself and Two Months’ member Kim Yerim. One netizen left a comment saying, “What kind of face is that… take a picture like a celebrity,” using informal language (how you speak to someone you are close to or someone who is younger than you). Then, Do Dae Yoon angrily responded, “Don’t speak informally to me. What does it matter to you how I make my face?” At this, other netizens replied, “That was a bit out of line,” “Is there really a need to get angry at a fan?” and so on.

As the issue kept rolling on, Do Dae Yoon finally said, “I saw the articles. I think I reacted too sensitively. I should know how to control my emotions and show you good sides of myself but I didn’t so I apologize.” At this, Do Dae Yoon closed his Twitter once again.