Trot Singer Jang Yoon Jung’s Fake Nude Picture Sparks Police Investigation

Recently, there has been a fake nude photo of trot singer Jang Yoon Jung circulating around the web. Jang Yoon Jung finally decided to report this matter to the police and asked for a cyber investigation.

Jang Yoon Jung’s agency stated that the photo is a highly-skilled photoshopped image that took her face and pasted it onto a naked female’s body. Sources from the police say, “It is highly possible to rule that it is a fake photo just by looking at it. We need to confirm the charges from the prosecuting side to fully begin our investigation.”

Jang Yoon Jung’s agency said, “Although we can say that it is fake photo without a doubt, the photo was spread under Jang Yoon Jung’s name through various P2P sites and social networking services. Netizens probably had misunderstandings due to this fact.”

Here is the alleged fake nude photo of Jang Yoon Jung: