BTS Photos from IU’s "The Saem" Cosmetics CF

Recent high school graduate and the finally coming-of-age star IU has signed a contract with cosmetics brand “The Saem” to be their model. Behind-the-scenes photos from her CF shoot were revealed and showed off IU’s cute and sexy charm at the same time. In the CF, IU’s trademark cute image was further emphasized with a hint of sexiness since she is now an adult.

It is reported that IU’s bright and cute personality created a lively and energetic mood on set and the CF production staff were delighted to work with her. In between shots and during breaks, IU was seen actually enjoying the product and testing it out herself.

Despite her busy schedule, IU gave her best during this CF shoot. After each shoot, IU carefully went through and checked each frame, surprising the staff. IU even posted pictures of herself on set through her social networking account, which garnered quite a lot of attention.

Check out the photos below!