Lee Hyori Looks Like a Model From Andy Wharhol’s Pop Art

Singer Lee Hyori looked like a model from one of Andy Warhol‘s pop art painting with her Marilyn Monroe hairstyle and colorful make-up.

Lee Hyori endorses Clio‘s Spring/Summer 2012 collection through this photospread.

Lee Hyori has been representing the cosmetics brand “Clio” through their various campaigns and showed off her trendy looks and stunning beauty with the use of flashy colors such as green, blue, pink and orange.

The sexy icon displayed the warmness of spring with a mix of bright colors, blue and green on her eyes, pink and orange on her upper and lower lips which gave off a fresh and stylish effect. She looks confident, elegant and chic with the make-up, the way she posed as well as the hairstyle she sported which is reminiscent of fashion icons Madonna and Marilyn Monroe who both were Andy Warhol’s muses.

Now, how would the picture look like if it was touched up, pop art style?

Lee Hyori Pop Art Style by meWouldn’t it work?

Netizens who were under the spell of Hyori commented, “Because it’s Hyori who is wearing this surprising make-up, she pulled it off well,” “Lee Hyori is who she is because she is Lee Hyori.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is set to make her comeback on the music scene this summer and is also making a comeback on TV and through various activities.

What do you think? Could Lee Hyori be Andy Warhol’s model?