Girls’ Generation YoonA’s Spicy Abs

YoonA revealed her beautiful abs and is gaining attention for having an innocent looking face but a very sexy body. An online community website had a post with her picture titled, “Thailand concert YoonA, she has goddess looks and abs?”

The picture of YoonA’s abs is from the finale performance for the “GIRL’S GENERATION TOUR” that was held in Thailand on February 12. YoonA has always been known as having a very lithe body. But, her prevalent 11 abs made Netizens very surprised.

Netizens stated after seeing the pictures, “Wow they are unlikely abs. However whenever I see her I always think she is too skinny,” “Really, gain some wait please, I wish I could live like YoonA for a day,” and “I think those abs are showing because she is so skinny.”

The Girls’ Generation finished a successful Asian Tour and returned to South Korea on February 13.