Big Bang Releases Taeyang "Alive" Teaser

Naver Music officially released the teaser of Big Bang‘s Taeyang on February 15 at 11am. However, there was an “incident” involved with the release of the image jacket/teaser. The image shows Taeyang bearing his chest with tattoos.

The album jacket or album teaser for Taeyang was leaked earlier than its scheduled time. Big Bang’s new mini album will be released on February 29. On February 6 and 14 teasers were released for both T.O.P and Daesung respectively.

However, Taeyang’s teaser was supposed to be released on February 15 at 11:00am but it was already released on the music content website according to “Ilgan Sports.” The “music content website” posted it online at February 14 then it disappeared. However, fans had already screen captured the image and spread it through SNS and online community boards.